Dr Salim Kaiss

Dr Salim Kaiss

Dr Salim Kaiss


In general practice since 1982, I have been treating cancer patients in Edith Cavell Clinic, Brussels, since 2010.

This experience gave me the essential focus needed to prevent such conditions to occur or degenerate. As a primary care physician for everyday health issues, it is important to diagnose and heal but it is also essential to rule out any underlying serious pathology.

In order to succeed with this approach we must take the time for a complete discussion about your health problems followed with a thorough examination and so become your partner and together deal with the difficulties you are facing.

You are responsible for your own health and I will be standing next to you to explain all your health issues and advise you on the best solutions.

I therefore propose a comprehensive care including a complete check-up with blood test, electrocardiogram and radiology if necessary.

The City Clinic Louise where I practice offers these services on site.

I also offer you a second medical opinion for health problems already investigated or for additional exams.

Experienced in the follow-up of patients suffering from long term diseases or chronic pain, I can advise on improving the quality and comforting everyday’s life with the help of the last generation solutions that have been proven efficient.

Finally, if you come from abroad, I will inform you of the possibilities of having you treated in Belgium and I will put you in touch with the appropriate specialist doctor. I will also carry out your follow-up in order to guarantee you an optimal comfort and to limit your stay time.

by e-mail using e-consultation@e-consultation.doctor
With Dr. Kaiss

    You can have a consultation now by using page below.

    I will reply immediately.

    • Please describe briefly your symptoms, pain etc. and all matters you consider relevant to current situation and suffering.
    • Please send all results of recent medical tests and we will decide together what further tests are needed or not.
    • Diagnosis and prescriptions for medicines will be discussed and sent to you.
    • Should you require medical certification for your employer or health insurance please ask and they shall be provided.

    The consultation is invoiced by email and the payment will be followed by the issue of a receipt for your insurance company.

through e-mail

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